So over the last couple of months I have seen some issues with my WiFi networks, yes I have multiple in my house. I reached a point where it was time to replace some older hardware and make it more scalable. With kids using multiple devices, servers, laptops, Xbox, iPads, iPhone’s, Apple TV, Roku and anything else that needs a WiFi connection, being used all the time, I needed something that would scale easily and give great performance.

So after some research I chose devices from Ubiquiti Networks. They offered a whole range of products that allowed me to manage them centrally from existing infrastructure, and add as I needed.

Initially I chose the following 3 pack of devices:


So far so good, I took doe my other Wireless Networks and set these up. They work great, way better coverage across the whole of my house. The speed is better, we watch a lot of streamed TV here and from the UK over VPN, and have noticed a significant performance increase. The most interesting thing is that the speed both up and down is now the same, whereas before it was faster to download and slower upload. With both being the same, I get better performance.

The devices themselves can be powered over Ethernet. I haven’t done that yet, but that is my next task, to mount them on the wall and power them from the CAT6 ports around my house (yes my whole house is CAT6 cabled).

What I also like is that the devices allow for a guest network which is protected by a Captive Portal, which I can set with a simple password, or even setup vouchers that expire after a certain amount of time. Maybe I should start charging to use my guest WiFi, I do get 120mb down over my internet connection, so could get my monthly cost covered ๐Ÿ˜‰



All in all I am really pleased with these devices and my way of validating this is down to the lack of moaning about the internet dropping or slowness from the rest of the family ๐Ÿ™‚