So I check my email this morning and I see the following message, which makes me wonder as I had not received any text alert about a payment (which I would normally get).


So I click the email to find this message:

Email Message

So far it looks like a legitimate email. I look at the email address and expand it a little so I can see the real email to make sure as to where it came from. It is then I notice a slight discrepancy.

Full Email

Now last time I checked, Skype and Paypal use email addresses that match their domain, not ““. So this is quite clearly a phishing email and I haven’t lost any money at all. Inspecting the page a little more the “View Payment Details” link goes to the following URL:

Payment Link

Again both Skype and Paypal I am sure do not use “” as their URL. Now the interesting thing about this email and what made me look at it, was that this did not get picked up by the spam filters at all. Normally these type of emails all get caught but this one did not.

So a quick reminder to make sure before we click anything that the email is from who it is is supposed to be from, and not just by email but by everything about the email too, the headers all the way to the content within the email itself.