I like to “play” with wifi networks, set them up, scan them, break them and also boost them so I can blanket my whole house with the best signal possible, as well the surrounding areas 😉

I have my nice fast internet provided by Comcast, sometimes I get 120mb download speeds which is great!! I use my regular wireless router, with a couple of Netgear Gigabit switches so my Plex streaming is nice and fast, and my HP rack servers are connected fast to my office upstairs.

To “play” I have a Raspberry PI running “Kali Linux“, then I have a “Wifi Pineapple” with a small antenna to connect to my existing wifi on “wlan0“, on “wlan1” is a “16 dB gain Yagi 2.4 Ghz” antenna. This gives me better broadcast capabilities. To then amplify my signal I use an “amped” wireless range extender device that will boost my signal even further.


This setup lets me have great signal strength, overpower the neighbours wifi networks, scan for any devices, create spoof networks but most important just have better and more powerful signal so I get great download speeds no matter now far I am away from the physical routers hosting the wifi network.