The guys over at “WatchGuard” came up with the following Infographic as their predictions of what to and what not to, worry about in 2015, regarding Security.

A couple of others Infographics, Posts,. Article or reports to read can be found below.

1. “Websense” Report can be found here:

2. “Heimdal Security” has a great post showing what they think 2015/future will hold for us.

3. “Trend Micro” predictions can be found here:

4. “FireEye” has a video you can watch here:

5. “ThreatTrack Security” has a very detailed document you can read here:

6. “Kapersky” has a report over at Secure List:

7. “CSO Online” has an article listing 11 predictions:

8. “USA Today” also has a short list to:


I am sure there are many others but these are the ones that stood out the most. I expect to see more being released over the next couple of weeks as we close out 2014.

WatchGuard Security Predictions