Metasploit Basics for SharePoint

So at the back end of last year, Pluralsight approached me about creating a Course for them. I wasn’t sure what to do as a course, as there are so many fantastic courses for SharePoint already available.

Most of you know that I speak quite a lot on SharePoint, SharePoint Security and then general Security topics, so it kind of made sense to merge these together. This is what my course is about, using a great tool Metasploit, for testing SharePoint. The course description explains it this way:

As an IT Administrator, your role is to ensure that the company SharePoint Environment is not only built correctly but also securely. SharePoint does not have a mechanism that notifies you how secure or insecure the system may be. Using Metasploit and some associated tools, you will be able to simulate attacks whether from inside or external to the network. This will allow you to know how secure your SharePoint Environment is, well until your users get access.”

The course will walk you through the basics of Metasploit and then onto using it to check elements of the SharePoint Environment. If this interests you then head over to the Pluralsight website, get a subscription and watch the course.

The direct course link is:

Hope you enjoy it 🙂