So I recently built a “vanilla” SharePoint 2016 Beta 2 machine, which was hosting a Portal site and a My Site so nothing complicated. Once it was done however whenever I clicked to follow anything is told me I needed to have some things setup. Of course I just assumed this was the user’s personal site collection that was needed, so as usual just left it going. I waited and waited and still nothing. It takes you to the following page to provision:

I waited and waited and nothing changed so I started to look in the trusty event log and see what was going on. As expected I saw the following:

As I drilled into the errors I found that for some reason the “Managed Path” for “Personal” was the problem, and had not been created.

So a quick shoot over to “Central Administration“, select the My Site Web Application and then select the “Managed Path” option revealed that sure enough my path did not exist.

No idea why it was not there, so I added it anyway, so it appeared in the list.

Once done I re-visited the same page I was on and waited again, and then my event log displayed the following message.

All working now and I can follow sites, access the new looking OneDrive for Business. Not sure why it did not have the right managed path, still for me to look at but for now it is working as expected.