Ever so often I like to post Info-graphics that I think are useful to not just me but to others too. This one is courtesy of http://privacypolicies.com

Hackers will often try to glean information such as credit card numbers or bank account information. They may use that information themselves, or sell it to the highest bidder. They may also try to get enough personal data to steal your identity — enough to open a new credit account or take out a loan in your name, leaving you on the hook to pay the balance, and damaging your credit score for years to come.

Unfortunately, many people often make hackers’ jobs easy for them. Hackers can easily plant viruses on computers to automatically steal information, or use phishing to con you into handing over your information willingly.

While ignorance can make you an easy target, learning about hackers, their tools and motives, and how to protect yourself makes you someone they’re more likely to avoid. Just like how increasing your home security makes thieves less likely to break into your house, leveling up your computer security skills will turn hackers away as they seek easier targets.

Check out the graphic below to find out what hackers are after — and how you can protect yourself.

Direct Link: http://privacypolicies.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/StopHackers.jpg