So being from the UK, I like Old Skool Rave, Techno, Trance and my favorite is UK Happy Hardcore. I listen to music all the time, as I wear headphones what seems like constantly, so have been creating playlists of songs I like and help me while working. Now for some of you, the speed of the music I like may not seem like it would help anyone focus but trust me it does

Anyway, here is my current playlist I like that is a mix of older Happy Hardcore and New ones.

Rest of Your Life (Da Tweekaz Remix) – Darren Styles

Down Like That – Darren Styles and Chris Unknown

Stay Young – Darren Styles, Dougal and Gammer

Burn You Tonight – Gammer and Galaxy Fox

Shoulder Lock – Dougal and Gammer

Be Alone – Mark Breeze

Shake – Chris Unknown

Rise Again (Sy & Unknown Remix) – Mark Breeze and Lost Witness

Gotta Get – Mark Breeze

Wake Up – Kayzo and RIOT

Voodoo – Technikorte and JTS

Accelerate (Darren Styles Edit) – Code Black and Atmozfears

Codes (Darwin Remix) – Cube::Hard and Douglas

Get this Place – Darren Styles

Dirt Devil – Storm

Pigface (Dougal & Gammer Edit) – Gammer

Stay Tonight (feat. Dylan Matthew) – Gammer

Love You Everyday (Redux) – Gammer and Whizkid

Church of Hell – Dimatik

Party Don’t Stop – Darren Styles, Dougal and Gammer

X – Obie

Bass Drop – Zero Hero

The Blackout – Mizel and Wilson

Hewwego – (Darren Styles Remix) Da Tweekaz

Axiom Island (Fracus vs. Obie vs. Mayhem) – Fracus, Obie and Mayhem

Dead Silence (Substanced Remix) – Alchemiist

Nerds by Nature – Pegboard Nerds

This is just a sample of what I have. I create new playlists almost every month, but this is a good start