I am sure like most of you that you have found that pair of headphones, that you love, the ones you wore until they literally fell apart. For me I have had a small obsession for many years with headphones. I like the ones I have but when new ones come out then I almost have a need to get them. My first expensive headphones I bought many years ago, when Dr. Dre made his first round of Beats headphones. They were expensive but I justified this, as I wear headphones every day, for long periods of time, plus the music I like has lots of bass and these were great.

These headphones I still have today and use them when editing video course, as the sound is great. I used to wear these on the plane, but as you can imagine they are pretty heavy, so I wanted to change them to something lighter. This meant I bought the Bose QuietComfort in ear headphones. Offering noise cancelling which I really wanted plus they were super light.

These are great, I wore these for a couple of years while travelling on planes etc. Only downside was that people didn’t realize I had them on, and would often have whole conversations with me and I would not hear a thing. Now I did not wear these for working out, as used different headphones for this. I started with some Nike lightweight ones, that kept falling out. Plus they were wired which as a runner is a pain.

I then moved to JLabs workout ones that wrapped around my head and were wireless. Though they were good, the sound was not the same.

Next, I moved to Plantronics Backbeat Fit headphones that I really liked, the site was great, but they didn’t quite fit as I needed. I could feel them bouncing around on the back of my head as I ran.

Moving onto today, for travel I wear the Bose QuietComfort Wireless II. These are fantastic, like a glove for your ear. The sound is great and absolutely love them.

For my workouts, I just bought some new headphones. For quite a long time now, I have wanted to try out the new bone conducting headphones and see what they are like. The idea of running with headphones on, playing music and still hearing all my surroundings sounded amazing. There have been a few times in the past where I wish I could have heard vehicles while running.

So, I did it, I purchased the AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones. They are the latest version of the headphones and from what I could tell were fantastic.

I have only had them for two days, so can’t really review them too much, but what I can say is, they are weird to wear the first time you use them. Being able to hear everything and the music is a bit strange, but I enjoyed it. They are super lightweight even with the controls and battery at the back. The y fit comfortably too, and while I ran 5 miles they stayed exactly there with no weird shaking etc. So far, I like them. I even used them for all my phone calls for work yesterday too, as well as call with some friends to record a video using Zoom on my iPhone. All in all, so far, I like them, going to use them a lot more over the next few days and then update with any changes. As a side note by 16-year-old son though they were amazing

Now of course if I was a true audiophile then I would look at something like these:

Sennheiser HD800
Beyerdynamic T5p Tesla Audiophile Portable
Audeze LDC-3 High Performance Planar
Audeze LDC-X High Performance Magnetic
Audeze LDC-MX4 High Performance Magnetic
Westone W80 Signature Series
AKG K812 Superior Reference
Grado RS 1e
Grado GS2000e
OPPO PM-2 Planar Magnetic
OPPO PM-1 Planar Magnetic
HiFiMAN HE1000 V2 Planar Magnetic
HiFiMAN Susvara

However, justifying this kind of spend requires multiple levels of approval