On Wednesday, 27th of June 2018, Rencore will host a Full-day Tutorial on Building modern solutions for SharePoint and Office 365. This will be run by none other than Erwin van Hunen, Hugh Wood, and Waldek Mastykarz. In the workshop, you will learn the following:

Intro – engineering update and roadmap
Building end-to-end modern SharePoint Online solutions
Requirements used with reference story for a typical SharePoint Online deployment
SharePoint capabilities
Solution design and architecture for reference solution
Technical implementation and considerations
Open source community tooling for improving productivity
Application Lifecycle Management story for the solution

After this workshop, Rencore will then host the Munich SharePoint Usergroup Meeting where I have the honor of presenting about the impact of organizational breaches and will look into the ways you as an organization can safeguard against them.

I will be focused on talking about Investigation and Forensic’s in Office 365, which talks about when breaches happen within an organization. In the event of any breach, there is a window of first acknowledging the breach, then starting an investigation. This process can be painful and laborious as it involves lengthy processes of viewing log files and trying to build a picture of what happened. Within Office 365, we are somewhat at a disadvantage because of not having direct access to the servers themselves. However, there are ways of performing an investigation by using some of the services available within the Security and Compliance Center, Azure Active Directory and Tenant, or even by using specific features at the service level. I will discuss and deep dive into the following topics:

Investigation components available within Office 365
Investigation components available within Microsoft Azure for Office 365
Service level auditing capabilities
How to utilize other services such as Advanced Security Management and Cloud App Security

If you want to attend, then you can register for both here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/building-modern-solutions-for-sharepoint-and-office-365-usergroup-munich-tickets-46850768911

Look forward to seeing you there 🙂