Today my newest course on Pluralsight launched. Looking forward to any feedback, now back to working on the next one 🙂


Managing SharePoint 2016 with PowerShell

As a SharePoint Administrator, you are always asked to make changes, update permissions, setup web applications, site collections and sites, and somehow make sure everything works all the time. Natively SharePoint has an excellent Administration interface, known as Central Administration that can be used. However, PowerShell scripting can assist with the management to create repeatable scripts that can be run as needed giving you more power and control over managing your SharePoint Farm. In this course, Managing SharePoint 2016 with PowerShell, you will learn foundational knowledge to create PowerShell scripts. First, you will learn SharePoint PowerShell basic. Next, you will discover how to manage SharePoint Users, Sites, and Services easily with PowerShell. Finally, you will explore how to backup, restore, and troubleshoot SharePoint using PowerShell. When you’re finished with this course, you will have the skills and knowledge of PowerShell for SharePoint needed to support and manage SharePoint with PowerShell effectively.


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