Last year, I was honored to speak at the very first SharePoint Conference North America, or what I refer to as the resurrected SharePoint Conferences from days gone past. It was a fantastic conference, with great speakers, vendors and of course being back in Vegas is always good fun!!

This year am excited to announce that I am back again speaking at SharePoint Conference North America 2019!! I am lucky to join many other great Microsoft and Industry speakers to share as much information as possible.  I have one session this year, which is:

In the past I have really focused heavily on showing you how to hack, how to secure and then how to monitor, as well as more recently how to perform investigations and forensics in the event of a security breach within Office 365. This session however takes all of these together and gives a more holistic view to Office 365 security with the idea that everything we do in Office 365 such as customization is really just an application doing a specific job we need. As such we should always secure all applications. In the session we will focus on what is provided by Office 365, to help us control the data we own.

With only having a single session it means I can attend other sessions and of course have deeper conversations with you as attendees. I would love to see you all there, and as such of you use my last name as the code you will get a sweet $50 off the price. Remember the ONLY code you need to use is CLEARY, and no-one else’s 🙂