Over the years, like most of you, I have donated and helped where I can. Sometimes it has been money, sometimes donation of time and sometimes donations of seemingly random things. The goal of all of these has been to help those around us. I am big advocate of the idea, that we will become a better people if we learn to help each other. Right now we live in a world, where it is really all about “me“, and not about those around us. The idea of “becoming selfless“, has been something I have tried to live my whole life. Though I am nowhere near perfect at it, I still try.

During this strange world we find ourselves in, my wife decided she wanted to help out where she could. Though it may seem like something insignificant, she setup a “gofundme” to raise a small amount of money that she would then use to put together things like hand creams for the doctors, nurses and front line medical staff here at the Winchester Medical Center where we live. She felt that maybe she could do something nice for them, as they brave each day.

I truly believe that “No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted”

If you feel like you could help, no matter how little, I would personally and greatly appreciate it. If not, no worries and no pressure or judgement from me at all. Be safe and look out for each other.

DONATE NOW: https://bit.ly/helpourhealthcareworkers