As most of you know, I author Pluralsight and LinkedIn Learning courses. There may also be some new ones soon as well.

In the last six months (since September 2022), I have released the following courses:


LinkedIn Learning

I am currently working on the following courses for releases through the end of the year/early next year:

  • Microsoft Purview: Audit Log Monitoring in Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Purview: Manage and Protect On-premises Content 
  • Microsoft Purview: Manage and Protect Microsoft 365 Content
  • Microsoft Purview: Records Management and eDiscovery in Microsoft 365 
  • Microsoft Purview: Mitigating Insider Risks in Microsoft 365
  • Microsoft Purview: Using Purview for Regulatory Compliance in Microsoft 365
  • PowerShell: Automating IT Administration
  • MS-102 Microsoft 365 Administration
  • MD-102 Endpoint Administrator
  • SC-300 Identity and Access Administrator
  • Getting Started with PowerShell Scripting – Potential Update

Along with building courses, I write content for the following too:

Also look out for my first authored book this year (close to the end of the year)! That’s all I will say for now, as I am nervous about doing it, and having the time needed, but only one way to find out 🙂

I hope that you find the courses and content helpful.