Last week was my first in-person conference presenting two sessions in a few years. I almost did a year ago or so, but I got ill with a gastrointestinal infection so I couldn’t attend. I have been out and taught certification courses face-to-face, the last of which was in Washington, DC, for a government and military conference. I don’t want you to think I have been hiding at my house 🙂

My last flight was to help move my daughter from Utah to Mississippi at the height of the pandemic when you were NOT supposed to fly. That experience was completely different from many flights this past week. This trip was different, though; it has been almost three years since I have flown anyway.

I am glad I got the chance to attend the M365 Conference in Vegas though it was fantastic to see and meet up with friends from the community and Microsoft I have not seen for a few years. I am grateful to the conference organizers, Microsoft, all the vendors, and other speakers for a great event. Thank you for having me again.

I presented two sessions:

  • Data and Security Breach in Microsoft 365, Now What?
  • Managing Microsoft 365 with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

    Both went well with standing room only, with great attendees and questions. I always enjoy sessions where everyone interacts and feels a part of the session. Thank you to all those that attended. The slides in PDF format are available to those that participated in the conference; you will find them within the session details of the Whova app. I already posted the link to the sample PowerShell and KQL queries used within both sessions.

    My next conference will be June 12 – 16 in Washington, DC. I will be presenting on:

    • Data and Security Breach in Microsoft 365, Now What?
    • Automated Investigation and Response within Microsoft 365

    I am again looking forward to being part of another conference. I am still determining which ones I will do after that, but I am planning a couple more before the end of the year. 

    Outside of conferences, I have a few webinars to do. I am still working through the Microsoft Purview courses for Pluralsight, a few LinkedIn Courses, writing a PowerShell Book, and all my normal consulting, running, and mountain biking.

    I hope to say hi to you at some conference this year.