Hey, Everyone. I hope you are all doing well. It has been a while since I have posted due to various things. Today, I felt like I needed to say hello and let you know I am still here. 

About a month ago, we had my son’s wedding, which had me out for almost two weeks; plus, as is usual with traveling, I got sick once I got home. However, that has dragged itself out, and I am still getting over a mix of a head cold, COVID, and a few other things that my body seems to be fighting. Work has suffered a little due to this, plus my normal cycle of mountain biking, running, hiking, coaching soccer, and everyday family life. 

However, I am slowly on the mend and starting to get back out and about and working as usual, albeit slowly. Next week (November 1-3), I will be in Chicago speaking at 365 EduCon on the following:

If you are there, join the sessions and say hello. I will also be in California later this month for a week, recording two training courses at the LinkedIn Recording Studios. More details to come on these, but they are:

  • Managed Detection and Response Fundamentals
  • Managed Detection and Response Strategies

Outside of the travel, I am also working on completing a couple of courses and a LAB:

  • Pluralsight Course: Microsoft Purview Records Management and eDiscovery in Microsoft 365
  • Pluralsight LAB: PowerShell Hands-On Exercises Primer 3
  • Cybrary IT Course: SC-400: Administering Information Protection and Compliance in Microsoft 365

I have almost finished writing a book for BPB called PowerShell in 7 Days. I am unsure of the final release date, but it has been a long process that I have always wanted to try. I have tried it, let’s say that.

Of course, I am working as usual on various projects and am grateful for the work; it has been challenging and rewarding. I have also been writing content for the usual places. I will be doing a webinar in December to go with the Security eBook “Understanding Microsoft Cloud Services and Security,” which I wrote and is available from Rencore and TekkiGurus.

I am honored to attend the Microsoft 365 Community Day in Miami in February as a speaker, and I look forward to that. Like I said in one of my previous posts, I am still a member of the community and doing what I can

Outside of work, sickness, travel, and family, I am also about to go into Marathon training. My son asked me to join him next year to run the Teton Dam Marathon, so I need to get training again. 

Overall, things are great, albeit a little too busy, and I need the illness and sickness to leave to return to everyday life. As I am sure you can attest, nothing is more discouraging than being sick and trying to push through and unable to. 

On a side note, however, there are others I know of, friends that have far greater struggles than I do, and I want them to know they are in my thoughts and prayers and hope things become easier and better. Compared to their struggles, I don’t have the right to complain.

I hope to see you around as I return to everyday life somewhere.