I am excited and honored this year to be travelling back to the UK, to speak at the SharePoint Evolution Conference 2015.


I remember all those years ago attending and how great it was then. This time I am going back and will be presenting the following:

SharePoint: Red Team versus Blue Team
Hackers and Security organizations often have two teams play a virtual game of capture the flag. This involves teams trying to break into environments while the other team is defending. In this session we will play a virtual game of capture the flag within a SharePoint environment. We will look at tools that can be used for both teams as well as how we can play both teams within our organization to ensure the best security practices.

Single Identity: SharePoint On-Premises to SharePoint Online
Historically most SharePoint implementations have been on-premises and utilize Active Directory as the core authentication store. This design was the easiest and best approach as no other viable solution was available. Now with Office 365 fast becoming the platform of choice for new SharePoint implementations, the barrier of a single identity for a user can and does stop the use of a Hybrid design. In this session we will look at this issue and how to design a solution that allows for a single identity to span both the on-premises and cloud worlds.

I am excited about these sessions, both of which are new and not been seen anywhere before. I look forward to meeting up with with fellow Speakers, Steve and the Gang and of course all of you that for some reason come to sessions (just kidding). It will be a great event!! See you in April 🙂